When working for a nonprofit sometimes you have moments in which you get challenged on why you exist and what your purpose is.  The bottom line is "People" are our product.  Helping those who are hurting, who are in need, who are in situations where they don't know how they will survive or why they exist anymore.  We help our seniors in our communities.  Seeing people happy again because they are no longer isolated and alone.  Seeing the relief on their face knowing they will have a hot meal that day because they haven't had a hot meal in weeks. Giving life to those who have given up or wanting to give up.  Being the life line to seniors who are not able to give us an emergency contact because they have no family left as they have outlived everyone.  Being on the phone and comforting someone when they realize they are using the word "isolated" for the first time when describing their situation.  Finding help for a lady with advanced dementia who was scared to be in her own home alone and had no one to help her move to a nursing home.  We were there for her when she was scared and cold  and covered in her own waste while crying uncontrollably asking us to put her in a home. We have many stories to tell of heartache and triumph and our senior citizens know that we are here for them when nobody else is.  Through the support of our local communities we can continue to help those in need.

Start Seeing Seniors......

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