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What began as a way to get Enid's retired individuals out and active within the community has evolved into a much broader mission.  Simply put, we help a very vulnerable population navigate everyday tasks that have become too difficult. 

Many are limited financially, physically, and by lack of transportation access. We call this the Senior Trifecta.  The many programs offered through RSVP are aimed at minimizing the negative effects of the Senior Trifecta.  

In small desolate, wind-blown prairie towns in Oklahoma, food insecurity is prevalent.  It was prevalent before we experienced the COVID-19 downturn in our economy and in our households.  For the past year, there has been an eerie calmness, an unsettling quite in our towns, parks wrapped with caution tape instead of children playing, stores with empty shelves, food pantries closing their doors; leaving seniors hungry and anxious-ridden.  RSVP works to settle that storm. 

The many partnerships and volunteers make it possible for RSVP to provide a multitude of services to more than 1,000 seniors each month. 

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