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The Senior Trifecta:

1 - Being on a low fixed income

2 - Having little to no adequate transportation

3 - Being physically limited

Imagine for a moment your mother told you that she goes to bed hungry, worried about her medications, worried about her bills, worried that the $733 each month won’t be enough to cover the cost of it all.  Imagine she tells you  that she wished she didn’t have to sit in her chair all day and watch mindless television or sit quietly that she would prefer to get out,  but she’s scared.  She’s scared you will find her dependent, not physically capable, not of sound mind.  So as not to alert or alarm you, she rests quietly.  Imagine, though she still has a desire to really live outside the walls that surround her.  Imagine, that she could wake up and not only consider her worries, but have the possibility of a new awakening to live again!! 

She now has a life, through the programs of RSVP. She can now call for a ride, see her doctor, go to the store, even stop at the park if she wishes, go to the Senior Center, celebrate a birthday with friends, call for a ride home, all for very little cost, and certainly not a burden to her friends and family.  In all of this, she has found her freedom.  She has learned to live again! 

Providing Families and Loved Ones Peace of Mind for 41 Years.

Our mission and passion is to help our seniors in need.  Not just to make sure they are fed but to make sure they live a healthy and adequate life.  The ways we are making a difference is by identifying the problems and making a solution.


  • Promote Sense of Purpose

  • Make Transportation Available

  • Eliminate Social Isolation 

  • Get them Involved in the Community

  • Encourage a Positive Body Image Through Exercise

  • Eliminate Food Insecurity 

Get Involved. Make a Difference

Ladies, thank you for the great meals I have been getting from your organization.  They come at a good time and always are tasty.  The deliverers are always very courteous.  My life was suddenly changed when I lost my wife of 55 years on December 20th, 2016.  She was a good cook, and we didn’t prepare for this time apart.  You have made it possible for me to remain in our home which I appreciate.  It has given me time to consider the alternatives for the “rest of my life.”

The Good Lord has blessed me in many ways and His putting us together proves He still cares.

Sincerely, your friend.

There is no possible way I can thank you enough for what you have done for me. Not only how good the meals are but now all the other. Your handyman is fantastic! In my position not to feel you are all alone with no help is such a relief. Thank you ever so much for everything!

-Sincerely, Virginia

I want to thank you for helping my Mom. Enid Mobile Meals is the only reason
why she's able to stay living in her home. Thank you for all that you do!

- Sincerely a thankful son in California
Helping our seniors

Building a bridge between those       who need and those who give.

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