Telephone Reassurance Program

The Telephone Reassurance Program is a RSVP initiative that provides a friendly telephone call from a volunteer to an older adult who is living alone and/or homebound. This program helps assist the growing number of homebound seniors who live alone.  The goal of the program is to eliminate or reduce some of the concerns facing homebound seniors: isolation, loneliness, depression, anxiety and cognitive decline. Many older adults want to remain independent and age in place in their own homes; however because they are isolated or homebound, meaningful relationships are difficult to come by. Telephone reassurance volunteers will reach out by phone regularly to these seniors to offer a friendly check-in and an opportunity to feel connected to the community beyond their front door.  They can talk to someone who understands what their going though, share stories and develop a friendship. Many seniors look forward to their weekly or daily call from one of our volunteers.  Seniors helping seniors.   For more information please give us a call at our office
580-233-5914 or 580-233-5915.