Local Stories of Hope and Inspiration.

- NOVEMBER 5th, 2018 -

 National Day of Kindness! 

Yesterday for World Day of Kindness, RSVP and Bennie's Barn worked together to bless a local senior with an electric wheelchair! We received a couple calls from concerned citizens and local businesses asking if we could help a gentleman in need. What a blessing it was to have a need and the next day receive a phone call that answered our prayers! Thank you Mary Classen for donating this beautiful chair so that we can bless someone in need! His whole life has changed and we are forever thankful.

- APRIL 19th, 2017 -
Weaving together the fabric of one amazing community; Enid!

At first sight, sure, you see a dilapidated porch.  For us, we saw an opportunity.  An opportunity to weave together many of our community nonprofits, businesses, and volunteers.  From RSVP, to CDSA, Fine Roofing Company, Seedorf Construction, City of Enid, and of course, OG&E.  Lives
are continuously getting better in Enid, OK.

From a woman who knew not what to do, she picked up the phone in desperation.  Her house was going to be condemned, the only home she
has ever known. Condemned because of her fixed income and resources.  
Imagine that.  Being physically limited, on a low fixed income, no friends or family to depend on, that’s what our seniors face, all too often.  Except now, today is a new day for Barbara, Ordalia, and those seniors who once saw the deficits in their lives.  These issues have now been answered by the fabric of our community to not only say we will support them, but we will make their lives worth living, with dignity and quality.

What was once a dilapidated porch has turned into a blessing.  It now stands as the most prominent part of her home.  Built with love, with compassion, with care.  As the mission of OG&E, “it’s about supporting and giving back to the communities we serve through social and environmental responsibility”.  It’s in weaving together their culture by the work of and through the hands of Chris Bristol, Jay Don Hofen, Mark Hamm, Steve Lorenz, Craig Jones and Steve Abie, Tyler Scott, Sam Smart, Bill Green, Will Barney and Kellen Schmidt, and Troy Cowley.  By the compassion of the mission of RSVP, in “ building a bridge between those who need and those who give” by volunteer Mark Woods. Through partnerships with CDSA's mission to, “work with others to identify needs, secure resources, and deliver services that improve lives in our communities.”  Knitting together businesses like Fine Roofing, in providing all the material to make sure Barbara has her home, to bring a quality to Ordalia’s life.  Seedorf Construction made that possible by donating their heavy equipment for a quick process. 

In times of desperation and worry, the fabric of this community is truly woven with kindness, with giving, with hope and purpose.  This is the essence of Enid.

If you would like to help volunteer, donate materials or monetary contributions to help with continued projects like these; we need you!!  Please contact RSVP at 580-233-5914

- MARCH 21st, 2018 -

Enid Roller Girls Helping Seniors in Our Community!











The Enid Roller girls volunteered this last Christmas during our "Santa for Seniors" project, helping us deliver 500 Christmas gifts to Seniors in Enid and the surrounding communities! Some of the girls also volunteer during the week for our "Enid Mobile Meals" program delivering hot meals to homebound seniors.

On March 21st, 2018 the girls presented our Executive Director, Christy Baker, with a check for $150! Each home game the Enid Roller Girls choose a nonprofit to support and part of the proceeds for that night go towards the nonprofit. For their first home game they chose us as their first nonprofit to support! Thank you
Enid Roller Girls for being such amazing advocates for our communities and our seniors!

- APRIL 19th, 2017 -

We got a letter in the mail today from a gentleman who receives Mobile Meals
and I would like to share his words with you today………


Ladies, thank you for the great meals I have been getting from your organization.  They come at a good time and always are tasty.  The deliverers are always very courteous.  My life was suddenly changed when I lost my wife of 55 years on December 20th, 2016. She was a good cook, and we didn’t prepare for this time apart.  You have made it possible for me to remain in our home which I appreciate.  It has given me time to consider the alternatives for the “rest of my life.”

The Good Lord has blessed me in many ways and His putting us together proves He still cares.
Sincerely, your friend.

These are the reasons we have poured our heart and soul into our organization.  Helping those in need in our communities is our mission and passion.  Through the support of our community we are able to continue on this mission.  Thank you!!