RSVP of Enid - Recognized as the #1 Senior Nonprofit of 2016 ONE Award. 

RSVP of Enid


RSVP of Enid is a unique one-of-a-kind organization.  What started out as a non-profit to help seniors get out and volunteer in their community, has flourished into an all-encompassing lifeline for seniors.  Our calling goes beyond  just volunteering.  Through our Mobile Meals program, we started seeing deficits in many areas of our senior’s lives. To us what seems like normal everyday living, has turned into senior’s everyday never ending struggles.  Not being able to get out of their homes because they have no transportation or are no longer able to drive.  Not physically able to stand long enough to be able to fix a meal.  Not able to afford groceries because their low fixed income have all gone to bills, prescriptions and the never ending medical expenses. Being isolated in their homes with only the smile of our volunteer who delivers their meal as their only lifeline to the outside world.  This is what the majority of our seniors face every day, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  Lonely, isolated, sad, depressed, forgotten, frail and in poor health is the life many of them lead and they don’t know how, if possible, that they can break away from this horrible cycle they now call life.

We know that is truly a lot to take in, but knowing this and the situation, how can you not want to reach out and help?  When you see this every day you know your calling is bigger than the guidelines of your organization. Driven by the heart and passion to help, we are happy to say that we have now instituted 10 programs that help break the cycle of this sad solitude life.   A life that they had to come to terms with as being the rest of their life has dramatically changed and we have the community and donors to thank for that. Through the help and support of our community, we are able to expand our calling and be that resource, that life line for those who thought they had no life line left.  Every day we are forming new relationships with seniors who are in need, with their loved ones who are reaching out trying to find help for their Mom or Dad because they live thousands of miles away and have no way of helping even when their parent is crying on the phone every day to them because they are lonely.  We are here and we want to help!

RSVP of Enid is no longer the government funded “Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Enid and North Central Oklahoma” we are now a public non-profit that is simply called RSVP of Enid.  We wanted to do more than just offer volunteer opportunities, we wanted to help make our community stronger and better than ever.  That is why we are a one-of-a-kind organization.  Our mission and passion goes beyond our calling and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our blood sweat and many many tears have been instilled in this program and because of that and our donors we will continue answering the calls for help in our community.


Our Mission

It is our mission to bridge the gap between those who need and those who give.  This successful partnership has allowed not only our communities to become enriched but also our volunteers.  RSVP helps volunteers to participate in meaningful, challenging, and interesting volunteer work.  Do it for others, do it for yourself, do it for the community.